PhD Music and Performing Arts

The doctoral programme in Music and Performance Studies aims to train researchers of the various performance arts, with specific skills in the analysis and interpretation of the texts, objects and discourses of one or more specific languages, media and genres in this broad field: theatre, dance, cinema, photography, television, the new digital media, music. Particular attention is given to the interaction among these languages, as well as to the artistic, cultural, social, political and ideological contexts within which they operate, and to which they contribute. The doctoral programme, born in 2012 from the fusion of two previous doctorates in "History and Analysis of Musical Cultures" and in "Digital Technologies and Methodologies for Research in Performing Arts", comprises two sections, "Music" and "Performing Arts", to which correspond two curricula: "History and Analysis of Musical Cultures" and "Studies on Theatre, Performing Arts, Film and Digital Performance". Evene if the two curricula have different formative paths, and organize seminars and other activities independently, all the doctoral students are warmly encouraged to take part in the activities of both curricula, in order to promote an eminently inderdisciplinary education. Crucial to the doctorate is in fact a methodological and theoretical dialogue among the various sub-fields, as well as with other disciplines, such as history, anthropology, and the history of art and literature.